DIA Barcelona: 500+ Industry thought-leaders have selected the ‘DIAmond Award 2016′ winners

As founders of the Digital Insurance Agenda, we organised the DIA Barcelona conference during 20-21 April.

Over 500 attendees of 200 companies from 36 countries came together to spark ideas and move innovation in insurance forward.

A short video impression of the event can be found under the ‘Highlights DIA Barcelona 2016’ section at www.diabarcelona.com.

For videos of the 55 presentations see http://www.diabarcelona.com/videos/.

The insurance thought leaders awarded 6 companies the prestigious DIAmond Award for the insurtechs with most strategic impact.

BigML, democratising machine learning solutions that enable insurance companies to build analytics capabilities faster than ever before.

BIMA, offering mobile insurance to the bottom of the pyramid; to 20 million customers in 15 countries on 3 continents.

Qiy Foundation, providing a groundbreaking structure to identity and personal data protection.

Traity, creating a network that allows people to owe their reputation, while increasing trust and transparency in doing business online

Trov, enabling consumers to insure just the things they want—exactly when they want—entirely from their mobile phone.

TrueMotion, creating solutions that enable insurance carriers to implement usage based insurance concepts at much faster speed to market.

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