The roadmap

Deliverable: actionable roadmap towards a customer centric organisation
The Roadmap Sessions take boards and management teams on a journey through the six consumer trends of Reinventing Financial Services.
Over the course of two days, Roger Peverelli and Reggy de Feniks work side-by-side with the client to
- reveal the deep insights behind each consumer trend and the new reality
- discuss the relevancy of each trend for the clients organisation
- explore the implications of the trends for business models, branding and positioning, product and service, value propositions, customer journey, organisation and culture, and match this with the client’s strategy, assets and competences.
- create a shopping list and set priorities
- define the roadmap towards a customer centric organisation, including a concise and actionable report.

Customized and interactive
The flexible approach is always customized and employs interactive presentations, best practice case studies, and strategic and creative sessions.
To prepare for this intensive two-day event, Roger Peverelli and/or Reggy de Feniks typically interview key executives in advance to gain background on the company, and the challenges it faces. They review the results of these interviews along with strategic plans and project documents to design the Roadmap Sessions content. The runplan for the two-day event is reviewed in advance with the primary client contact and adjusted as needed to fit the specifics of the organisation.

Tried and tested
The Roadmap Sessions is a most powerful offering for companies ready to fully embrace the opportunities and challenges of customer centricity. Only for those dedicated to realizing the full potential of their business and management team. A maximum of ten people is recommended for participation in The Roadmap Sessions.
The Roadmap Sessions already assisted several banks, insurance companies and asset management companies to define the way forward, on a board level or on a division level.